Our multi-sensory room at Concord Sports Centre is a safe environment where adults and children can explore and develop their senses and skills.

There are significant benefits to both children and adults who use the facility, helping to develop and increase movement, hand-eye co-ordination, awareness of space, social interaction, concentration, listening skills, problem solving, sharing skills and exploration skills.

The rooms also create a fun, safe and comfortable environment with the use of lights, sense, fragrance, and hearing. The Multi-Sensory Room is made up of 3 areas:

- The Sensory Room (maximum 8 people) - play and explore all the different equipment to stimulate your senses
- The Relaxation Room (maximum 6 people) - unwind and relax to the calming music, smells and visuals
- The Interactive Room (maximum 8 people) - Full of lots of fun equipment to aid with learning different sounds and colours


An induction is required on you first visit for just £12.00 which includes use of the Multi Sensory Room for 1 hour.

A one hour session costs £9.80 with a Sheffield lifeCARD (£10.45 without a Sheffield lifeCARD).

To book a session or an induction call 0330 333 0555.

Multi Sensory Room Coffee Morning

Our multi-sensory room coffee mornings are a great way to meet other parents whilst letting your children explore and develop their senses and skills. Free tea/coffee is available at the end of the session

The sessions take place at Concord Sports Centre every Thursday 10:00am - 11:00am.


Our coffee morning costs just £3.00 per person.